“It pushed all my buttons and then some.” ~Under the Covers

*sigh*  You should be able to hear my satisfaction all the way across the screen.  I was pleasantly surprised with this book.  First, because when an author becomes a favorite of mine I tend to stop reading blurbs and when I saw the name of the series was Club Devant immediately I thought BDSM.  Surprise # 1, Club Devant is a burlesque club in New York City.  Sexy….dancing.  Surprise # 2, the main theme of this book and the hero/heroine revolves around dancing.  Love!

Lizzie and Dima have known each other since they were young.  Both children of dancers, they were steered in that direction from an early age and they went down that road together.  Until they both realized that ballet and any kind of stuffy dancing wasn’t for them.  And they became 3-time international Latin ballroom champions.  No other couple had better chemistry and moves than Lizzie and Dima.  Until he let her fall during a show and she tore her ACL.  Now while she’s recovering, Dima decides things will change between them.  He’s always wanted her and now he will have her.  So he starts dancing at Club Devant and expanding his repertoire of moves.  Sexier, edgier.  Free.  He wants that with Lizzie, not going back on the road.

I love the idea of best friends since childhood, and the fact that they grew up so close together they were integral to the other person.  They both have similar backgrounds.  They both have similar goals for the future, even though they don’t see that yet.  And they are both so attracted to each other it drips off the pages!

Now, lets not put anything down.  Each aspect of this story was hot.  Lizzie and Dima together were crazy and smokingly amazing.  Yes, sparks flying, panting, the whole nine yards.  And then there’s Lizzie and Paul… ‘cuz I have a soft spot for a good looking big cowboy.  And we can’t leave behind Paul and Dima, just purrrrrrr.  Lets just say that in the heat department, this book will leave you looking for the nearest ice bucket.  Have I mentioned how sexy it is when Dima’s accent gets heavier when he’s aroused or excited?

But the story was good too.  Most of the background between Lizzie and Dima is already there.  You are rooting for them from the very beginning.  But their connection to Paul was nice as well.  I find that it worked well, for the time it was there.

I am definitely looking forward to more burlesque dancing at Club Devant.  It’s new, different and refreshing. It pushed all my buttons and then some.  I can’t wait to get more!

*ARC provided by publisher

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