“Give me a hero who is six foot plus of sexy golden skin, hair and eyes and purrs when he gets excited and I am helpless to do anything else but drool and pant a little in his (massive) foot steps” ~ Under the Covers

When Tammy took a wrong turn on her way to work on the New Species land, she never expected to be confronted with six foot plus of sexy and snarling man-lion. She also never expected him to take him into his home, pleasure her till she nearly passes out and then decide to keep her. But Tammy knows she can’t stay with her gorgeous New Species lover, no matter how good he feels when he purrs, so she knocks him out and leaves. But, when he comes roaring to her rescue after she is kidnapped, she finds that he is unwilling to let her get away so easily the second time.

Loved. This. Although it doesn’t really vary that much from the previous three books in the series, what can I say? Give me a hero who is six foot plus of sexy golden skin, hair and eyes and purrs when he gets excited and I am helpless to do anything else but drool and pant a little in his (massive) foot steps.

Like all the New Species males Valiant was also over protective, possessive, sexy as hell and adorable. This book differs slightly in that Valiant is a little more primal and a lot less civilised that the other New Species males we have met so far, which just made the book all the more delicious. The romance between Tammy and Valiant managed to be both really sexy, yet incredibly sweet, I love how protective Valiant got. They were also really cute together and some of the miscommunications between them added some humour to the book and made me want to kiss Valiant all over for being so damn adorable.

But, this was almost exactly the same as the other books in the series…right down to the attempted rape, I really hope Laurann Dohner shakes it up a little bit more for the next book, as although I really am enjoying this series and love all the New Species males, if it repeats it self too much it will just become boring.

However, I am really enjoying this series, it is sexy, fun and I can’t stress enough how sexy the heroes are, especially Valiant. If you want something steamy, with a lovely little romance, than look no further.

FuryBook 1 SladeBook 2 ValiantBook 3 JusticeBook 4
BrawnBook 5 WrathBook 6 TigerBook 7 ObisdianBook 8
ShadowBook 9 MoonBook 10 TrueBook 11 DarknessBook 12

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  1. The New Species series are one of my all time favorites. It doesn’t hurt that the covers are unbelievably hot! I am still waiting for Smiley’s story. Hint, hint.