Review: Unconditional by Cherie M. Hudson

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Review: Unconditional by Cherie M. Hudson
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Released: February 9, 2014
Series: Always #1


“This is a story that will touch your heart” ~Under the Covers

What an all around wonderful story this was.  UNCONDITIONAL tugged at so many emotions in me.  It made me laugh, it gave me butterflies, and it made me cry.  This might just be one of the strongest, and most uplifting, new adult stories I’ve read.  Because at times it doesn’t all have to be about the angst.  Real life and real issues can be just as tough without making them overtly complicated.

This book explores the life of a young twenty something American woman who gets a scholarship to study her passion in Australia.  She was just diagnosed a year earlier with Parkinson’s disease, after seeing the same disease eat away at her own mother.  After losing her father to a drunk driver.  She’s still managed to keep a smile on her face and face her adversities as best as she could.  Fighting.  Sometimes wanting that fight to be alone.  She’s isolated herself and focused on her studies.  That is until she meets a handsome young man at the airport who happens to be a Royal celebrity.  And attending the same uni as her.

I loved the way the author makes Maci’s life in Australia both fun in a way you would expect for someone her age, but also a struggle with the very real implications of her disease.  You feel her pain and can sympathize with her emotions of wanting to lock herself away.  Of not wanting to bring new people into her life knowing what she has to face in her future.  It was a gut-wrenching journey but one that was made all the best because of the wonderful people she met in this strange country.

It’s not just about the love and unconditional support she found in Raph, the sexy farmer turned Royal (sort of).  But also the friendships she made along the way.  This is a story that will touch your heart and make you believe in the good of people still out there in the world.  And in that love that will still move mountains to prevail and will lend itself unconditionally.  After the fat tears were falling hard, I couldn’t help but end reading this book with a smile on my face.  This book was funny and witty, with a lot of personality.  Full of sexy!  And endearingly emotional.

Considering I went into reading this book because the author posted a sexy pic of her personal trainer, who inspired the character The Biceps, lets just say color me surprised and impressed.  It has so much more than that to offer!  But I am very excited to find out that he will find his HEA in the next book in the series.

Favorite quote:

“I want to hold your fucking hand, whether it’s shaking or not.”

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  1. I love when I read review that will discovery to me new book and this book sounds very good 🙂
    Looking forward to read!

    Thanks for the recommendation and wonderful review Francesca 🙂

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