“It’s lust at first sight, but I wanted the rest to have more substance.” ~Under the Covers

I’ve enjoyed the humor and all around fun it’s been to read Tara Lain in the past.  Her stories usually have just enough heat, and quirky enough characters that keep me entertained and reading more.  THE PACK AND THE PANTHER fell a bit shy of that for me.  It’s entertaining and I love to see a wolf shifter that is looking for a male mate and going against the norm of the pack, but I didn’t really feel the connection between Cole and Paris.

Paris on the one hand is the type of MC that I like to see from Ms. Lain.  He’s out and proud.  A bit of the outcast, and on the inside suffering from bottling all that in.  For as extravagant his persona comes across, there’s a lonely man on the inside that needs to be loved.  And he wants nothing to do with the pack.  Cole is the opposite.  He’s been groomed to be alpha, and has issues going against family and pack and coming out officially.  Willing to sacrifice himself and marry for the good of his people.

I think I would’ve loved this setup, but maybe the fact that this is a pretty short story didn’t give the author enough time to sell me on the connection between Paris and Cole.  It’s lust at first sight, but I wanted the rest to have more substance.

Nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable read and I will give another try to the next book in this series.  But this just reminds me that I should catch up on the rest of her books I still haven’t read!

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