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“What can I say about this book?!?  It tore me apart.  Plain and simple.” ~ Under the Covers

There were many things rolling around in my mind when I first saw the cover for UNBELOVED.  Mainly that I saw three people on the cover.  I know the history of Jace and Dorothy and now the future (me being hopeful) of Dorothy and Hawk.  I didn’t know what it meant they were both still there (on the cover).

But then again, when you go into a Madeline Sheehan book you know you should just leave your expectations at the door.  Along with your apprehension.  I have come to care for these characters a great deal and I couldn’t wait to see Dorothy in particular get an HEA.  As much as I was scared she wouldn’t.

What can I say about this book?!?  It tore me apart.  Plain and simple.  It’s such an emotional ride about so many broken individuals that it left me feeling a bit sad about the hardships they faced.  The things they missed, the bumps they hit.  No, some things may not seem fair.  Love isn’t easy for them.  But true love stayed true ’til the end.  Through the good and the bad.  Dorothy’s story is not the same as the others in the series.  And I was perfectly ok with that.

As much as I cared for Dorothy before, I truly came to understand her and feel for her in this book.  Her life, her emotions, her wants and needs.  What a life she’s had!  Then there’s Jace who might’ve broken my heart too.  And lastly there’s Hawk.  Who stole my heart!

Another job very well done for Madeline Sheehan who manages to suck me into her world with every installment in new ways.  I’m a glutton for more punishment!

Disclaimer:  You cannot read this as a standalone book.  This series is to be read in order.  Ohh, that and have Kleenex ready.  You’re going to need it around for most of this book.

Favorite Quotes:

I wanted to live the fairy tale, to become someone’s everything and anything, to be his princess.  I wanted my happily-ever-after.

There ain’t no such thing as mistakes, Dorothy.  There’s only shit that happens and shit that don’t.

None of it had been a mistake.  It had just been my path, my cracked and broken road to home.

I want tonight to last forever.


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  1. Thank you for not giving away what happens. This series has blown my mind with the twists and turns. I want to hate these characters because of the way they live but they are so human in the stories that I can’t help but to root for them. I even think that some of the bad things they do are justified. Holy cow! That is some seriously good writing!
    Great review!

  2. Thanks for the review, I read this book the day it was releases because I too wanted/needed to know what HEA Dorothy would get.

  3. I’ve put this series off b/c I’m a bit of a coward about all the feels that come with reading these. Glad this latest was still strong.