“A perfect naughty nooner to heat up your lunch break” ~Under the Covers

This story definitely hit the mark on the sexy scale, and if you are looking for a quick and hot story to either cleanse your palate in between other genres or heavier stories, then yes, this story can fit that bill.  But if you are looking for an emotional connection between the characters as well, then maybe this was just a bit lacking in that department.

See, Emily has the hots for her two neighbors, Robert and Jason.  While she’s spying on them getting hot and heavy, she ends up right in the middle of a hot mandwich.  But what I didn’t really get is how we got there.  I mean, yes the immediate mechanics of it worked really well and the sex was off the charts hot, but the back story of why these guys wanted her to be part of their relationship were lost to me.

I guess this is something that could’ve worked better as a longer story, but if you are just looking for something hot, then this is it.

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