“Read it because it’s Trent and Rachel…nuff said.” ~Under the Covers

For now, this short story is only available on Sony eReader.  If you don’t have a Sony eReader then you can still get it by downloading the Sony eReader app here.  You don’t need an account,when you download the app, the ebook is preloaded.

TROUBLE ON RESERVE claims to take place between A PERFECT BLOOD and EVER AFTER (which is why it’s labeled as 10.5) however please be warned that it really seems to take place either during or even AFTER EVER AFTER.  Reference is made to things that happen in that book and unless you want to be spoiled (not much, but it’s there) then I would recommend reading this after you read the next upcoming book in January.  I will keep my review spoiler free.

This story basically gives us a small glimpse into the interactions between Trent and Rachel.  That’s all there is to this story.  It’s their connection, them coming together,  working together, and facing danger together.  And maybe starting to show how they truly feel about one another, how much they care.

As this series is slowly coming to a close, we are seeing more and more a vulnerable side of Trent.  And I just love that!  He wants to be good but sometimes he’s forced to be bad.  Like when he takes Rachel on a job without telling her what he was really doing there and all hell breaks loose, of course.

Rachel has grown a lot and matured, but it was also nice to see her so sure of herself and her ability to protect Trent.  Not to mention the action.  These two can always get into trouble.

I really don’t know how this would work as a standalone if you didn’t know anything about The Hollows world, but in general, this series is not one that I would ever recommend reading out of order.  These books are jammed packed with information and so many things happen and change from one book to the next that I feel it would certainly but a dent in your full enjoyment.

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  1. I Love this series!!! But grrr on the exclusive Sony thing. I think I’m gonna wait until it’s universally available. 🙁

  2. I didn’t know this short story existed – but I only recently picked up the Hollows. I do like Trent, so I am going to need to check this out :).