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ARC Review: Rocky Mountain Angel by Vivian Arend
Rocky Mountain Angel
Book Info

Released: November 20, 2012
Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: Six Pack Ranch #4
Pages: 301

“A good guy from the wrong side of the Coleman family.  Gabe swept me off my feet.” ~Under the Covers

Every time I read a book about these hot Canadian cowboys I know I’m in for a sweet, hot and sexy ride.  This book was no different, even though I can’t say it was my favorite in the series.

Gabe and Allison have been friends their whole lives.  They both moved away and Gabe came back a while back to try to make his family ranch profitable.  His middle brother had died leaving his family torn up and him full of guilt.  His dad turned into a drunk and he left leaving behind his youngest brother to take the brunt of the effects.  He is now back trying to make life easier for everyone in his family.

And then Allison comes back into town and dumps a big favor on his lap.  She just found out her mother is very sick and she wants an excuse to move back to Rocky Mountain that won’t raise her suspicions that she knows what’s going on.  And that would be Allison’s engagement to Gabe.

This almost feels too easy for Gabe because he’s always had a crush on her.  But Ms. Arend managed to make Gabe work for Allison’s affection.  And what with him being such a sweet, tender and caring man, there was really no other choice for her but to fall and fall hard for this cowboy.

Gabe is one of those heroes that doesn’t seem to be alpha on the surface, but deep down he’s as possessive as any other alpha male.  A good guy from the wrong side of the Coleman family.  Gabe swept me off my feet  He was also the pillar supporting so many other characters, and as the title suggests, being an angel.  Sometimes too good for his own good.  And when he lets his control go and goes after a woman, well lets just say I was a puddle at his feet.

And speaking of puddles, this book got down and dirty 😉  Skinny dipping, mud wrestling and some porch acrobatics.  Allison and Gabe were hot and heavy anywhere they could.

We also get another small glimpse into Travis’ life.  He’s going to be a hard one to read.  He’s obviously been going through a lot and I still can’t figure out what his deal is.  I really hope we get to read his book soon because I’m dying to see him in a happier place.

Ms. Arend we need to get these books faster!

*ARC provided by publisher

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About Vivian Arend

Vivian Arend in one word: Adventurous. In a sentence: Willing to try just about anything once. That wide-eyed attitude has taken her around North America, through parts of Europe, and into Central and South America, often with no running water.

Her optimistic outlook also meant that when challenged to write a book, she gave it a shot, and discovered creating worlds to play in was nearly as addictive as traveling the real one. Now a New York Times and USA bestselling author of over 30 novels and short stories in both contemporary and paranormal genres, Vivian continues to explore, write and otherwise keep herself well-entertained.

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  1. Thanks Francesca for a great review, going through a cowboy fase at the moment so I have added these to my TBR list 🙂

  2. Sounds fantastic! Thanks for the great review! This is one of those series that I’ve always had on my wishlist. Hmmm… definitely gotta bump it up!

  3. I have the first book in this series I need to get my butt in gear and read it. Maybe I could just give up Sleep then I’d get a lot more reading done. Lol.

  4. I received my preorder of this on my kindle just finishing up current read then I’m on it. This is such a great series thanks for the review 😉

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