American heiress Annabel Wheaton is about to be married, a very respectable marriage to an impoverished Earl, and respect is what she craves. After being rejected and shunned by American Knickerbocker society, viewed as no more then white trash and New Money, she is determined that her little sister and her future childeren won’t go through the same humiliating experiences she has had. She isn’t in love, she knows it is more of a business contract, but she is content, that is until Christian Du Quesne, Duke of Scarborough, a rake, a gambler and a very handsome man starts explaining the cold reality of an English marriage alliance at the secret urgings of her concerned family, after all, he has the experience having once been a fortune hunter himself.

Another really good book in this series, this time regarding Christian, Duke of Scarborough who was very briefly in Scandal of the Year and we get to meet Annabel, who I also believe was mentioned a few times. They were both great characters, Annabel was another really good heroine, she had gumption and charm and Christian was another gorgeous rake who has the good sense to come to love her. Although I did prefer the previous book Scandal of the Year, I thought this book was very enjoyable, the tension between was created very effectively and the erotic scenes although infrequent (infact there is only a couple) you can feel the thrum of attraction through out the book.

What I didn’t like was how quickly the second half of the books goes, in the beginning the relationship between Annabel and Christian is built up at a steady pace. But towards the end of the book, suddenly everything happens at once and before you know it the book ends rather abruptly, again.

But despite what I didn’t like about the book, I will definitely be reading the next in this series, although perhaps not my favourite historical romance series, it is nonetheless, well written, with likable characters and a sensual yet sweet romance.

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