Julia is getting tired, although she has a sophisticated and scandalous reputation it is all just an elaborate facade, what she is is desperate to get of her disastrous marriage. So she decides to gets a divorce the only way she can, by committing adultery. The only regret she has is that she has damaged Aidan Carr’s honorable and gentlemanly reputation by manipulating him into a tryst. But now divorced she is heavily in debt, and the only person she can turn to is the man she used so poorly, the very proper Aidan, Duke of Trathen.

I am so glad I carried on reading this series after not being very enthralled with the first book, Wedding of the Season. In this book we get a closer look at Julia, Beatrix’s cousin, I really liked her in Wedding of the Season and I am glad I didn’t just imagine the tension between her and Aidan, Beatrix’s jilted fiance. At first they seem such opposites, Julia has a rebellious devil-may-care attitude, where as Aidan is very serious and always does what is polite and proper, but what was great about this book was that the more you delved in and got to know the characters, the more you could see they weren’t just caricatures of a scanalous woman and an honourable man. Julia was complicated and making the best out of a horrendous situation and rather then the callous and carefree image she nurtured she always tried to do the right thing, and Aidan, although honourable and steady to the core also had a little bit of a deliciously wicked side. I think they made a beautiful couple.

As well as having characters that I really liked, you could also really see the chemistry between the two, opposites really did attract in this book. The writing was wonderful, it was poignant and sensual at times and I found the whole book very hard to put down. The only problem I had was that it ended rather quickly I turned the page and was rather expecting something a little more, I think this is the kind of book the could have done with a epilogue.

Although I found this series had a disappointing start, this book is well worth reading, it has memorable characters and a wonderful love story and I hope the books continue to improve with the next in the series Trouble at the Wedding

Favourite Quote

This was the pain of light and beauty and a man’s tender kiss. It was the burn in your eyes when you looked into the bright, shining sun, and the pinch in your chest when you saw the first green shoots of springtime and the lump in your throat when you heard the sound of a newborn baby’s cry. It was life, life, life.

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  1. I’ve read this book and liked it very much. It has a very unique plot that I’ve never seen before in any other romance novel I’ve read. Ms. Guhrke comes up with original story lines!
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