“While not my favorite in the series, TIGERS ON THE RUN offers a fun romp of a ride!”
~ Under the Covers

When I found out that there was going to be another book in the Tigers and Devils series, I was interested to see what else Sean Kennedy was going to gift his readers. I’ve enjoyed Dec and Simon immensely but TIGERS ON THE RUN has a different feel to it.

I’m not sure if it was my mood or whether or not the beginning was really slow but I felt like the set up took a long time. As usual, Kennedy infuses the book with plenty of idle banter and humor, which has been one of my favorite things about the books in the past. However, I felt like the purpose of the story wasn’t addressed as early enough as I would like.

Declan is mentoring a slightly troubled kid named Micah. New drama builds as an old nemesis reenters their lives and although Simon and Declan have been together for awhile now, it doesn’t mean everything is perfect between them. They have to overcome certain obstacles that will hopefully strengthen their relationship as they continue to grow.

Of course, along with Simon and Declan you also get Fran and all the other secondary characters who have made this series so awesome in the past. It’s nice to see what they have been up to and see what part they will play in the next chapter of Simon and Dec’s life.

While not my favorite in the series, TIGERS ON THE RUN offers a fun romp of a ride!

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