Review: The Ground Rules by Roya Carmen

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Review: The Ground Rules by Roya Carmen
The Ground Rules
Book Info

Released: June 2nd, 2015
Series: The Ground Rules Trilogy #1
Pages: 284

“This is one of those emotional reads that makes you question the things you feel as you read.  I was both conflicted and enthralled in their stories.”
~ Under the Covers

I was extremely interested in reading this book after I had seen it around the blogosphere.  I knew it was going to have, in some way and at some point, cheating.  Not my favorite thing.  But I was still curious as to how.

THE GROUND RULES is about a happy couple in their mid thirties, Gabe and Mirella.  They’re high school sweethearts, they’ve been happily married for years and have two beautiful daughters.  They are also trying their best to make financial ends meet.  While out on a date night they meet a sophisticated couple, Bridget and Weston.  They are both very attractive and obviously successful.  And they have an offer like nothing else.  See, Bridget and Weston have an open marriage and want Gabe and Mirella to do a couple exchange.  Dates and sex, yes.  But with very precise ground rules.

Is it cheating if everyone involved knows about it and agreed to it?  Is it cheating if the ground rules are not followed?  This is one of those emotional reads that makes you question the things you feel as you read.  I was both conflicted and enthralled in their stories.  And while this book gives you a resolution in the end, this is a trilogy.  So I’m curious as to what the next step of their story will be.  Where can they go from here?

The author did a really good job with Mirella’s character I think.  She struggles with her wants and her actions.  It’s very much the human reaction you expect, and no sometimes it’s not the “right” thing to do.  But when you try to put yourself in her position, what would you do?  How open would you be?

I really wish we would’ve gotten other POVs.  I was extremely curious as to how the other side of the equation was feeling.  What was happening between Gabe and Bridget?  How did Gabe feel about the whole situation, step by step?  I hope that we get to explore more of that when the next book comes out!

Once I started reading, I really didn’t want to stop.  I couldn’t stop without knowing what was going to end up happening to them.  How they were going to act next.  Who was feeling what.  I was completely immersed in the story.  I honestly love this type of story but I know it may not be for everyone.  But if you think you can give it a try, then I think you should.

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