“This book was a totally new experience for me but I’m glad I tried it.”
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Reading this book is quite a departure from my usual taste. I used to read a lot more Women’s Fiction when I was younger and that was really before I found a real interest in reading. Marian Keyes has been an author that I’ve been meaning to read for a while now. However, THIS CHARMING MAN turned out to be a different book than I expected.

Usually within Women’s Fiction and Chick-Lit in particular, you’ll find humor and an overall lighter tone. This book does have that upbeat banter but the topic it focuses on is quite dark. It’s all about domestic violence and alcoholism and those were the two main reasons why I wanted to read this book. I’m all for cute fluff in Chick-Lit, but I had a feeling that this book would have some extra substance to it because of the topics it addresses. I think more books should do this and bring topics that many people are afraid of talking about to shed some light on it. Not only will it enlighten and educate readers, but this book also has the potential to help those who may be suffering from the same thing.

Another cool thing about this book is the fact that it features four main heroines. Lola, Grace, Marnie, and Alicia are all very different characters. I connected with some of them over others. For example, the book opens up with Lola’s POV and I found that her narrative was way too choppy for my liking. Her grammar and way of speaking is just so strange that I actually found the first part of the book really hard to read. Fortunately though, once the POV changes, it gets easier to read as you go through the other women’s narratives. This cycles throughout so Keyes weaves their individual stories together and by the end, she does her best to find a happy conclusion for all of them.

I thought the ending was a little rushed and possibly tidied up too easily, especially after what these women have been through. However, there is a subtle romance as well so that helps with the happily ever after.

So, this book was a totally new experience for me but I’m glad I tried it. I look forward to reading more of Marian Keyes books in the future. If you have any suggestions on which book to start next, please let me know!


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