“While I found the beginning and the end of this novel pretty strong and engaging, I did lose some of my interest in the middle…”
~ Under the Covers

When I read BEHIND CLOSED DOORS I was intrigued enough about this author to give it another shot, even though I wasn’t necessarily blown away.  There’s always so much buzz about her books that I had to see what the next novel would be like.  So THE BREAKDOWN was… a little bit more of the same for me.

There are things about this author’s writing that work for me and others that I find grating on my nerves.  The setup for this novel is good.  A woman is driving down an isolated road in the middle of a storm, a road she was warned not to go down, when she spots a woman in her car on the side of the road.  She decides to pull over to help her, but once she does and the woman makes no move to get out of her car she finds the situation a bit too dangerous to take on by herself and drives off without talking to the stranger.  The next morning, that woman is found dead and she turns out to be someone she recently had become friends with.  Between the guilt and the fear of the killer coming after her, our heroine quickly starts losing her mind.  Or maybe not?

All of that was very well done.  I liked the fact that we are kept guessing almost the whole time about what really happened to the woman that got killed, as well as what’s going on currently with our heroine.  Is she or isn’t she really going insane?  But I also felt myself going over the same scenarios too many times, like the whole middle of the book was just a loop of the same-old-same-old.  While I found the beginning and the end of this novel pretty strong and engaging, I did lose some of my interest in the middle because of that.

I had my ideas about what the outcome in the end would be and I’m pleased there was a twist I didn’t see coming.  The creepy part of this story was how easy some of these things would be to execute and for them to happen in real life.  Scary as they may be because of that.  I think that’s what still made this an enjoyable read and the reason why I’ll probably check out this author’s work again.spacer



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