It is sad to see a series that I love come to an end but it’s also refreshing to see one ending on such a high note.  Oftentimes series just start falling on the quality and originality of the books but Women of the Otherworld has always either kept steady or improved.  And THIRTEEN is one of the best books in the series!  A truly perfect grand finale.  And all I can do is applaud Ms. Armstrong for a job well done and now go cry in a corner because I won’t get to see some of my favorite characters again.

THIRTEEN picks up right where SPELLBOUND left off, pretty much to the minute.  As you could expect all hell breaks loose in this book, literally and figuratively.  All I will tell you about the story is prepare for non-stop action and awesomesauce!  At times it’s even gruesome and not made to look pretty.  It gets dirty and bloody and raw.

Speaking of raw, I will take this opportunity to thank Ms. Armstrong for NOT tearing my heart out at the end.  I cried for about five minutes fearing for things to come.  I get emotional just thinking about it now.  So thank you.  When you read the book you will understand.

Savannah is the main focus of this story.  She does finally get the guy.  I’ve always loved her character, she’s tough, she’s fierce, one of my favorite narrators.  And she gets so much closure in this book as well as a completely new beginning.  We’ve seen her mature so much throughout this series and really grow into her powers.  Adam is the perfect complement for her.  Although I have to say that I thought I missed something when Adam and Savannah finally got together and then all of a sudden they were waking up.  I don’t think I was expecting Clay/Elena raw sex against a tree or anything, but I don’t understand how come Savannah and Adam are the only couple that we didn’t get even a paragraph past the kissing and clothes flying.

Then we have the cast of the series.  I’m going to cry.  They were all here, just as we love them.  Clay, Elena, Jeremy, Jaime, Hope, Karl, Paige, Lucas, Eve, Kristoff, Cassandra, Aaron, Benicio, Sean *they all take a bow* And even some that I didn’t expect to ever see again, and I won’t tell you who they are.  We get to read this book from many of their points of view, not only Savannah, which was great in tying things for each of their stories.

It has been a magical ride into a world that I almost feel part of by reading this series.  THIRTEEN was no different and gripped me from beginning to end. *The curtain falls on the last act*

You all will be missed!

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  1. Yay Timitra, hope you like it.

    Loupe, thanks!!! And I agree it probably would’ve brought the series full circle if Elena narrated the story but I feel that she’s in such a different moment and time in her life that I thought it best to end with Savannah.