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Review: Full Disclosure by Tibby Armstrong
Full Disclosure
Book Info

Released: August 14, 2012
Genre: BDSM, Erotic Romance
Series: Hollywood #3



Aaron and Greg have been together since…well, seems like forever.  They are engaged, in the middle of wedding planning and going back to their school where Greg has been invited as a Master of ceremonies.  Greg has nothing but bad memories of his time in Lawson but for Aaron he decides to make the effort and go.  And then all turns to hell.

Their relationship was intense but also full of things they were hiding from each other.  For some reason after such a long time together they couldn’t open up completely and some serious things had to happen to allow that.

I’ll admit I got teary eyed (yes, I might’ve even cried) towards the end.  Once they were able to communicate, the love they had for one another was pure and knew no boundaries.  And what Aaron had to go through because of the fact that they were a gay couple at the end makes me mad at society and that things would have to be this way.

I loved Aaron’s dominant side but also how he was able to let Greg turn the tables at times.  Just knowing what his partner needed and when.

I’ll admit that maybe at times I was at a loss about certain issues, but of course, I haven’t read the previous books in the series so that is to be expected.  But I still enjoyed the story and could sense that there is more to their romance because a lot of things felt like they came to a head.  That being said, I would suggest that you start with book one, I know I will be going back to read them!

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About Tibby Armstrong

Romance author, Tibby Armstrong, has a lust for books and a love of travel.

On the terrestrial plane, she dreams of springtime in Paris, and has journeyed across the pond to London, Oxford, and Bath. She travels more extensively, through worlds both strange and familiar, via science fiction, urban fantasy, mystery, romance, biography, and travel memoirs.

Tibby’s favorite authors include Connie Willis, Elizabeth Moon, C.E. Murphy, Maria V. Snyder, Karen Marie Moning, Charlaine Harris, and Jane Austen, to name a few. To see the rest, and read some reviews, find her extensive reading list on GoodReads.

Having recently completed her MLS, when she’s not writing, Tibby works toward defying librarian stereotypes; yet, she lives with her cat Cassandra, four laptops, and enough books to collapse a poorly engineered house. Most weekends you can find her in a local coffee shop with one of the laptops and a full-fat mocha. (She’s working on getting the cat to come along.)

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  1. Having read all the books in this series I can understand being a little confused. Because I have loved these characters from the first book, this book was like the holy grail because we FINALLY got to see the “real” grown up version of these amazing men! Thanks for your review, I enjoy reading how other people see this wonderful book.

  2. Landry, hope you get to read these soon!

    Thanks for stopping by Tibby, I’ll be reading the rest!

    Slick, that’s what I was thinking it felt like things were probably building up to this. Even without knowing all that, still very enjoyable read. And made me cry without knowing the backstory…I can only imagine.


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