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“It has the perfect blend of humour, romance and sexy that Quinn is known for…”
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Miranda Cheever fell in love with her best friend’s older brother when she was a young girl, now as a young woman…she’s still just as in love. Seeing him so wracked with hatred and unhappiness after his philandering wife’s death she longs for the man she remembers, the kind and funny man she fell in love with. Turner doesn’t remember Miranda being so interesting or desirable, but after his bitter marriage full of disappointment and heartbreak he isn’t willing to risk falling in love again, especially not with his sister’s best friend.

Way back when this book has to be one of my first reads by Julia Quinn and so has a special place in my heart, which is why when I was recently in a bit of a book slump that I decided to give it a go. You know sometimes you go back to a book you have loved in the past, but upon a second read it isn’t quite as good as you remember? Well, I am pleased to say that wasn’t the case with The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever it was just as funny and heart warming as I remembered, a classic Julia Quinn novel.

It has the perfect blend of humour, romance and sexy that Quinn is known for, what I especially love about this book is Miranda, she is one of my favourite heroines. She has a dry wit and intelligence and warmth about her and is the perfect counterpoint to her best friend Olivia’s exuberance. Turner is also a good hero, his youthful naivety has been ruthlessly crushed making him a bitter man, but Miranda’s warmth and innocence calls to him.

I like reading Quinn’s early books as I feel that although this is still a lighthearted read and in no way a dark and stormy novel, it does have a little more depth than her more recent books. I feel like they are more emotionally complex and less straightforward, yet not laden with unnecessary angst. So, if you haven’t read any Julia Quinn I recommend you try this book and if you are a recent reader and have only cracked open her newer releases I encourage you to try out her earlier releases, it’s well worth it. spacer



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  1. I agree, early Julia Quinn made me want to dive into the story and stay there until done. I nearly always loved the characters for their humor and charm. Newer ones do not draw me in as the older ones. Liked your review very much.