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Review: The Player by Jessica Bird
The Player
Book Info

Released: May 29, 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Moorehouse Legacy #2
Pages: 264



I LOVED THIS BOOK!  It’s another feel good romance from the Warden herself!  I liked it better than the first, even though I saw a lot of people felt the other way around.  I think I started liking Joy Moorehouse from the first book.  She’s the timid, younger girl that has had a crush on the towns’ most eligible bachelor her whole life.  She’s had dreams of giving him her virginity and living happily ever after.

You can’t help but like her!  But at the same time she’s no wilting flower.  She has a backbone, she goes after her goals in life and in love.  And when she loves she gives herself completely.  To her family and to Gray.

Gray Bennett aka Most Eligible Bachelor, is a player as the title suggests.  He keeps his job a secret in the small town his from and spends a great deal of time in New York City.  While he was back in town visiting his dying father he saw Joy and found that she had transformed from the girl he used to know to a beautiful and sexy woman.  And with her air of innocence he should be the last thing around her.

OK, so I’ll admit that the plot where the guy thinks he’s no good for the girl and wants to stay away because he will only bring her heartache is good, but to a point.  I think that was my only complaint with this book.  Gray kept thinking he was bad for Joy.  I wanted to slap him sometimes.  But that at least didn’t stop him from pursuing her.  And then there’s his trust issue because of seeing his own mother cheat on his dad.  So two things that got on my nerves just a bit.

But as you can see the good far outweighs the bad.  I thought this story was sexy as hell, Gray being so delicious probably helped.  It was also sweet and I loved the fact that it was a completely different story than the first book.  With all the society parties going on it had the feeling of a historical romance but set in current times.

I cannot wait to read the next one, although it seems I might be waiting.  I’m spoiled and I want to listen to the audiobook like I did with the first two.  Which means…. indefinete wait because there’s no date announced for the re-release of the last Moorehouse sibling’s story!  Waaaaaaaaaaa

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  1. Good review! I haven’t read any of the books released by the Ward under the Jessica Bird name yet but I do have some on my wishlist. Thanks for the review…and don’t cry:)

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