“It’s an insight into Lara’s mind that I felt completely drawn to and mesmerized to read.” ~Under the Covers

I actually didn’t know what to expect when I cracked open this book.  As a long time fan of the series, I like to devour anything and everything that relates to my favorite characters so I was excited to see what this book would bring.  I’ll admit that my biggest draw was to read the Gideon and Savannah story.  Although they haven’t been one of my favorite couples throughout the series, I have a special place for Gideon because he’s so cool so I wanted to see how he fell in love.

But boy, was I surprised at how much I enjoyed everything else about this book!  Lara Adrian gives us so much information and backstory on how she came up with this series, the world, the characters, the rules…everything!  It’s an insight into Lara’s mind that I felt completely drawn to and mesmerized to read.  She thought of everything!  If you have a question about how or why something is the way it is, then you have to read this.  If you have ever been interested in knowing how an author structures her books or world building, then you’ll find this fascinating.  And if you are a fan of the series…I’d say this is a must read!

Then yes, there’s a story of Gideon and Savannah.  This took a second place in my eyes after being so impressed with Lara herself.  Gideon is sexy, and yes he gets the girl, but I think their story lacked something for me to be fully immersed in it.  Maybe it’s just the fact that I already know of them and they’ve never stood out in my eyes.  Not sure.  But it was still an enjoyable read and a great addition to the stories of the Order.

Another thing I loved!  Lara included some of the trivia games she used at her conference LAMB-Con.  I think fans will have fun looking through these and playing along!

The Midnight Breed Series Companion is a must read for fans of the series!  I wouldn’t recommend it if you haven’t read the series or if you aren’t up to date as you might get spoilers.


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