“…cute and sweet book, with a touch of funny…” ~Under the Covers

I’ve been wanting to read a Kate McMurray book for a while now and even though I have 2 sitting on my TBR shelf, when this came up for review I couldn’t resist.  Of course, the cover whore in me also jumped at it because it’s just an adorable cover.

And the book had a lot of that feeling.  It was a cute and sweet book, with a touch of funny as well.  Starts out with Tristan getting an invite to his ex-boyfriends’ wedding.  It’s been two years since they broke up but Tristan hasn’t really started dating other people.  Now he is in the awkward predicament of having to go to the wedding and doesn’t want to show up dateless.

Enter online dating.  As he goes on some weird dates trying to find the right guy to bring to the wedding he stumbles across an online profile for his VERY STRAIGHT best friend, Darren.  Turns out Darren has known he was gay for quite some time but because he was attracted to Tristan, he was waiting for the right time to tell him he was gay and make a move.  Well that time is now.

I always enjoy a best friends to lovers story.  And this would’ve been PERFECT!  If it hadn’t been for the fact that a lot of times it felt as if Tristan wasn’t over Stuart (the ex-boyfriend).  He spent a lot of time worrying about Stuart and what he would think and how to impress him instead of enjoying the getting to know Darren more part.

Although I still thought they were very cute together, there was a little something missing to make this perfect.  Still a very enjoyable read and has me wanting to read Kate’s books sitting on my shelf faster!

*ARC provided by publisher

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