“… it was passionate, funny and I liked that it had a little magic in it…”
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I decided to read this book for three reasons:

  1. It’s called the Mad, Bad Duke. Some people are seduced by a cover and some people are seduced by a title. I can be enticed by both. In this case it was the title that got me
  2. It’s by Jennifer Ashley, and Ashley has written one of my favourite historical romances of all time – The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenize
  3. I read the first book in the Nvengaria series years ago and it was about time I started the second book!

So, did the book live up to the name, was he mad? Was he bad? Was he a duke? No, a little, and definitely. He wasn’t mad, although he was beginning to think he was, but you will need to read the book to find out more about that! He was a little bad, in the previous book he was a very naughty boy and he still has a wicked, ruthless edge. And he isn’t just a duke, he’s a Grand Duke, second only to the King of Nvengaria, here in England as a diplomat to scare everyone into submission for the good of his native land.

Before going further, another thing you need to know about this book is that it isn’t just your typical historical romance, it has a touch of magic and this book starts with a lust spell that bring Meagan and Alexander (the mad, bad duke) together. From there it’s a roller coaster as Meagan gets caught up in the whirl of Alexander’s life, from the formality and daily schedules of a diplomat to the passionate and emotional Nvengarian servants. All the while, the lust spell seems to be morphing into something more, or at least, they assume it’s the spell…

I really enjoyed this early book from Jennifer Ashley, it was passionate, funny and I liked that it had a little magic in it, something that separates it from other books in the historical genre. There are a few more books left to go in this series and this time I don’t plan on waiting another few years before I pick them up.



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