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“THE HATING GAME is text-book enemies to lovers goodness.”
~ Under the Covers

I was in a bit of a slump and no book would catch my attention.  I knew I had to read something out of the norm for me and I had been wanting to read this one for such a long time.  I even owned it in two formats!   I had a feeling this was more of a chick lit type of book and I don’t read a lot of that.  Nevertheless, I got started.  And within the first few minutes I knew that this was just what I needed.

Lucy and Joshua have been working together for some time after their publishing companies merged and have been arch-enemies since.  Now they are both up for the same promotion and things quickly escalate.  At the same time, the attraction that had been sizzling between them also starts heating up.

The chemistry is palpable, both their competitive natures drives them to not give an inch in the workplace, and the attraction crumbles their defenses.  All at the same time.  It was just a delicious and fun ride and one I seriously couldn’t put down.  I finished this one in pretty much one sitting and had a smile on my face throughout the whole thing.  Like catnip I tell you.  The writing flowed, the backstory was interesting.  I was invested in and genuinely liked both characters.  I couldn’t have asked for more.

THE HATING GAME is text-book enemies to lovers goodness.  No, seriously.  If you like enemies to lovers you must read this one.



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  1. I know everyone loved this book but it didn’t work for me, I started with the audiobook and then switched to the ebook.

  2. If you liked it so much and couldn’t have asked for more, why 4 and not 5? Personally, I give 5 rating if I will read it again and want to own it, so I agree with your rating.