“… while this was a pleasant read, I failed to be wowed like so many others have.”
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I’ve been seeing a lot of hype around this book for a while and with the second one coming out I decided it was time to give this a go.  I was expecting an emotional story by what I had seen around the blogosphere.  And while this was a pleasant read, I failed to be wowed like so many others have.

Gigi is a nurse and a single mother.  She develops a close relationship with a dying man who leaves her a farmhouse in his home town after passing.  Taking the chance to restart her life in a different place and offer her daughter a better future, she picks up and move.  But the first thing she encounters is the sheriff and the man that had been left in charge of the care of the farmhouse, who thinks she’s nothing more than a gold digger.  Add to that there are some strange happenings in town that amp up the danger and this could’ve all been a wonderful story.

Honestly, I never really cared for the characters.  Gigi, for the most part, was levelheaded but at times she would act in a way that would annoy me and showed immaturity.  And if I had to hear one more time a fight about how Jess was controlling her and not including her in decisions that she had a right to be, I was going to blow.  I get it.  He was walking all over her.  He was a bit of a possessive ass.  But the way she was handling it was like a bratty child stomping her foot in my opinion.  So that got on my nerves once it happened one too many times.

My big issue with this book is more of the plot/pace.  The way the story was developing, I kept feeling like there was something it was building up to, waiting for the other shoe to drop sort of speak.  And I kept waiting, and waiting.  And nothing was shacking things up.  And nothing really ever did.  We do get the final reveal on what’s going on in town and that mystery is solved after a few dead bodies are found, but … Was that it?  It felt like the story is more about the every day of a relationship that starts off pretty early in the book and then it’s all just about their normal fights instead of really having tension between or a good mystery around them.  I needed one or the other for this to really take it to the next level, and sadly it didn’t for me.

However, it was still enjoyable.  Not a bad read, just definitely not what I had expected based on the reviews I’ve been seeing.  And totally not what I kept anticipating as I was reading.  I will probably continue the series though, because I do love a small town feel with a dash of mystery and I can’t wait to see the author grow into her stories more.

On a side note, and I can usually overlook a lot when it comes to audiobooks, the audio of this is TERRIBLE.  I could even hear several times the pages being turned!  And the narration was just not what I wanted to hear.  I ended up making the speed faster so I wouldn’t have to suffer through the nuances of the narration (although I still heard the pages LOL).  So this is one I definitely recommend as ebook or print.




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  1. I agree the audio was terrible and I had to switch to the ebook. I actually returned the audiobook because it was so bad.

  2. I have this on my Kindle but haven’t read it yet, thanks for sharing your thoughts Francesca. It isn’t sounding like something I need to move up my tbr pile soon.