“Instead of finding Jane’s inner monologue amusing, I just found her really wearisome, which is an issue when the story is told in first person.”
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Jane True has never quite fit into Rockabill, a little town in Maine, the locals seem to hate and/or distrust her and the only solace she gets is her secretly nightly swims in the icy cold ocean. But, when Jane finds something or rather someone floating in the see her life is turned upside down and she realises she may not be the only person in Rockabill who isn’t quite normal.

This book has been on my to-read shelf since it’s release, and for some reason or another I had just never gotten round to it. For a number of reasons, one of them being I thought this was a young adult, a genre I only occasionally dip into. But don’t be like me and let the cover fool you, this is most definitely not a YA. It’s a UF. Which should have been exciting, UF is one of my favourite genres, but I think I would have almost preferred this book if it had been a YA, something about the book just didn’t capture me.

There were a few reasons why I found this book a little big like a slog through the snow, one, was that it was really slow, which seems standard in the first book of an UF as there is so much world building going on, but in the case of this book, I was just bored. The other big reason was Jane, the person from whom’s perspective we were reading from. I found her intensely irritating. Peeler did that thing where her “inner libido” was talking to her, which was a bit to close to the inane “inner goddess” that Ana from Fifty Shades likes to burn our brains with. Instead of finding Jane’s inner monologue amusing, I just found her really wearisome, which is an issue when the story is told in first person.

Although the story itself wasn’t particularly original, it did start to get a little bit exciting after the halfway point where we begin to see some action. I’m almost tempted to read the next book, after all, first books in UF series aren’t always the best, unfortunately I won’t be in any rush to continue Jane’s story.



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  1. I felt the same way after reading book 1. Maybe someday I’ll go back but for now there are too many other books I really want to read.