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“This was a fast and adorable read that kept me turning the pages.”
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I debated for a while before picking this book up because I’ve stayed away from the “royals” trope that’s popped up recently.  I just didn’t know if it was going to work for me.  But if there was someone that I was open to trying was Emma Chase for sure.  I’m so pleased to say that the reservations I had about reading this had no place in this story.

One of those things was an immature read about a privileged and spoiled royal.  No immature characters here!  Nicholas is surprisingly centered, with the weight of responsibility on his shoulders.  He really made this book for me because I fell for him right away.  He’s the right combination of confident without being cocky, daring but cautious about his celebrity status.  So perfectly balanced.

The second worry I’ve had about this trope… angst.  Maybe it’s because this is contemporary romance instead of new adult, but ROYALLY SCREWED is quite angst free.  There’s obviously some tension with the fact that the Prince falls for a simple NYC baker with no money and an alcoholic father, but the angst I was worried about was nowhere in sight, so I was pleasantly surprised about it.

Like I already said before, the hero of this story hooked me in.  But the romance and the easy chemistry between Nicholas and Olivia was a lot of fun to read.  This was a fast and adorable read that kept me turning the pages.  If you are looking for something a little different than the same old same old plots, then give this a try.




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  1. Thanks for the review. I wondered about it when I saw the title floating around. I’ve heard good things about Emma Chase, but I haven’t gotten to her, yet.