“…although I liked this book, I wouldn’t say it was my favourite of Tiffany Roberts’ work. “

~ Under the Covers

What do you do when you find out that your odd but hunky next door neighbour is an alien? Well, for Tabitha Mathews it involves being tied to said alien’s bed as he tries to convince her that he’s her mate and wants lots of  babies with her. Now, tied to his bed and in the process of being wooed – which is proving surprisingly effective – Tabitha needs to decide whether she’s down with his baby making plan. And, she needs to decide soon as in four weeks he has to go back home. 

If I had a sexy next door neighbour, which I don’t, and that neighbour had a tail, pointy ears, glowing eyes and a post code near Mars…well I wouldn’t not be happy. Would I immediately jump on board his space ship and start processing his baby batter? Maybe (okay, yes, yes I would.) This is the dilemma our curvy heroine faces when she discovers the true identity of her neighbour Zevris. 

This was such a cute book, Zevris, our alien hero was adorable and watching him trying to to work out human dating customs and his shenanigans with Tabitha’s mischievous dog Dexter were some of my favourite parts of this book. It was heart warming and hilarious. However, although I liked this book, I wouldn’t say it was my favourite of Tiffany Roberts’ work. 

For me, it was too long ay just over 400 pages, especially for a book that has very little conflict and no external conflict. The bulk of Taken by the Alien Next Door was focussed on Tabitha’s wavering opinion on whether she would take a chance on Zevris. There were some great moments in this book ranging from sexy to serious, but it felt like it was too stretched out for the actual content of the book.

Overall though, I would recommend this book to people who are perhaps news to alien romance and want something cute to ease them in. And, although this book didn’t wow me, that doesn’t mean I won’t be picking up the other books in this series.

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