Witches, guardians and vampires… oh my! The new world of the Dark Elements series has a bit of everything. Earth witch, Sabi, who has the gift of visions. Ryker, the brooding, sexy alpha-guardian who is falling for her but hasn’t realized it yet. Sabi’s friend Nexi, a really cool witch, and badass chick; and her guardian mate Kyden. The constant bickering and competitiveness between Kyden and Ryker.They will bring you into the Otherworld with them, and every now and then they have to come to the Earthworld to solve supernatural crimes. Vampires are part of the police force, and work to cover up supernatural crimes while the Guardians solve the cases.

They now have rogue newly made vampires going to feeding/killing rages. Sabi is having visions of the events so she is partnered with Ryker to help him solve the cases; and as the investigation gets deeper Kyden and Nexi are brought in as part of the team.

Who is making these vampires? What are they trying to accomplish? They discover through a surviving human that there’s someone trying to study vampire DNA, and changing it. They are then testing this “tainted blood” on vampire subjects until they manage to stabilize its effects.

Through all this Ryker and Sabi are strengthening their relationship, burning pies, and steaming up the bedroom. I mean what better way to convince you than to give you Ryker’s description: Ryker, a guardian, a man wearing an armor kilt and nothing else LOL

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