“I love Dani Harper’s voice.” ~Under the Covers

I love Dani Harper’s voice.  She really writes such beautiful and vivid stories that you feel as if you’re right there with them.  After enjoying her Changeling shifters, STORM WARRIOR is just a small step away from that.  I love that we still have that love and connection to animals being that the heroine is a vet.

I admit it took me a little bit to be completely hooked.  I mean in theory the hero had me from the get-go.  Ummm hello, sexy Celtic warrior!  But the story was a bit slow to capture me.  Once it did though, I enjoyed it.  Especially when we were introduced to some of the supporting characters, especially Ranyon.  Along with that, this story also has a touch of fae.  It was an interesting mix.

So lets go back to the main characters.  Rhys is very sexy although a bit infuriating at times.  He’s a Celtic Warrior turned Grim, who now has decided to protect Morgan from her fate.  Defying rules and going against everything he’s known for 2,000 years.

Morgan on the other hand, while not too stupid to live, was a bit thickheaded.  And I have to admit not all that interesting.  She’s a bit of a bland heroine and I don’t think she was necessarily the right complement for Rhys.

Although they weren’t the most memorable couple, this story is so much more than just their romance.  I enjoyed the ride for what the story was, with or without them.  And when you add that they were pretty hot together as well, then that’s a great bonus.

Nonetheless, STORM WARRIOR is a cute paranormal read and I am curious as to where this world can go from here.  All the world building that Dani Harper has done in this book shows the amount of knowledge and research she’s put in and gives me great hopes for where we can see this series going.

*ARC provided by author

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