I don’t usually like fae stories, but Briggs is always an exception. ~ Under the Covers

It’s the return of the Fae in Silver-Borne! Like I said before, I don’t usually like fae stories, but Briggs is always an exception. Mercy Thompson always finds herself in the middle of a huge mess, but she’s always level-headed, always logical and keeps it simple.

With Mercy as the newest addition of the Columbia Basin Pack, she’s still getting used to having Adam inside her head with the bond and learning to deal with the other werewolves in the pack. As an independent person, she’s finding it difficult grow accustomed to the pack lifestyle. Not to mention that some members of the pack are not too keen on having a coyote as the Alpha’s mate. As a result, there’s trouble within the pack as members step out from the shadows and confront Mercy on this. And there are some who take it too far…

I loved the pack politics! We learn things about certain pack members that are both shocking and revealing.

And there’s a big shocker concerning the lone wolf, Samuel. Oh my God, you slay me, Briggs!

There’s also Ben, whom I hated in the first couple of books because of his attitude. But now he’s become one of my favourite wolves! I love his loyalty to Adam and his protectiveness over Mercy and Jesse. I’m sensing something here, but I don’t want to call on it just yet! But I really hope I’m right! We’ll just have to see as the Mercy Thompson saga continues.

Silver-Borne is another solid instalment in the Mercy Thompson series! If you haven’t read this, get on it quick! You’re definitely missing out!



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  1. I loved this book too! Actually I just love this entire series – they are ranked in my favorite books – not sure what you are seeing with Ben…maybe you can tell me what you are thinking….

  2. Briggs writes amazing books! All of them are lovely, but I think I liked this one the most(in this series) because Sam gets the start of a HEA 😀

  3. This book sounds fantastic. I am a fan of Patricia’s Alpha and Omega series but I have yet to read the Mercy Thompson series. That’s about to change. Thanks for the review.

  4. Still have only read book one–dammit–I wish I had a month off just to catch up with all my reading.
    Although, I probably would need more like 6–lol.
    Great review, although I’m not a fan of all the wolfie politics–but I do loved to be shocked when reading.