If you’re a big fan of the VA series, then it is worth checking out. ~ Under the Covers


I’m a pretty big Vampire Academy fan so I just had to see how these artists adapted my favorite YA series into a graphic novel.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had to chance to reread this series so this was a nice way to go back and refresh my memory.


This graphic novel is a perfect rendition of the first book in the series, Vampire Academy. It shows Rose and Lissa coming back to St. Vladimir’s Academy after trying to make it out on their own. I was impressed by the way that the story progressed given the shorter word count and I definitely felt that they got the major moving parts of the story.


The depictions of my favorite characters weren’t how I saw them in my head at all. None of them seemed to really fit the descriptions in the book exactly, so I think that were I was a little disappointed in this book. For me, the one that was most off was Lissa. Her depictions seemed to only focus on the fact that she is the shy and less impulsive of the two female leads, but Lissa also has a strength in her that I don’t think matched her appearance. She seemed too frail to me.


I liked this adaption! If you’re a big fan of the VA series, then it is worth checking out. I’ve got the second graphic novel already and am excited to revisit Rose’s world once again!


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  1. I like graphics, though the art in this one doesn’t look spectacularly… Thanks for the review :*

    Would you rec it even for non fans?

  2. I haven’t read any Richelle Mead’s work but I’ve heard great things about…haven’t done the graphic novel thing and to be honest I’m not sure I want to!

  3. I LOVED LOVED this series, and Dimitri was one of those characters that stuck with me for a while….even after finishing the series. I’m also reading the spin-off which is great, but not as great as Rose and Dimitri.
    I’m not a fan of graphic novels–they always seem to disappoint me and ruin the “visual” that I already have in my head.