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Review: Shift by Rachel Vincent
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Released: February 17, 2010
Series: Shifters #5
Pages: 441

This series keeps getting more and more intense and emotional. Who would’ve thought I was actually going to like it so much?!?!  Faythe has done a lot of growing up throughout these books, which is a BIG plus, since I couldn’t take any more of her antics.

In this book she’s showing a lot more mature thinking and she’s starting to act like true Alpha material when it comes to dealing with and protecting pack members, Council business and decisions. Except when it comes to dealing with the love triangle with Jace and Marc. Please someone put me out of my misery here!!! I don’t have a clue who she’ll end up with. I’ve always been a Marc supporter, the last book threw us for a loop in the love department, and now… I just don’t know what will happen and how Ms. Vincent will fix things.

Jace showed his true colors in this one and to be honest I was quite impressed. He had a lot of insight into things, didn’t take any shit from Marc and wasn’t ready to back down at any moment. And I suffered right along with him through the events of this book.  For right now, I’d say he deserves the chance.

Bad guy Calvin Malone has really complicated their lives, implicating them as the murderers of a Thunder Bird, who were the cutest little addition to this series.  Lethal and savage, but at the same time funny and cute.  I do expect to see more of them in the last book.

And if you thought you were done with the crying from the last book, well…. not nearly close!  Ms. Vincent does an amazing job at making you feel exactly what the characters are feeling, and there was nothing happy about any turn of events, especially when Marc finds out about Jace.  Nearly broke my heart.

This was truly a great book and I can’t wait to read Alpha and know how this is all going to play out in the end!

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