Spence is hot.  And when he has to go work with special agent Shadoe, then things get hotter.  Of course both of them are reluctant to act on that attraction because they are on a case and they should keep their focus on the job, but the sparks are hard to put out.So why do I think this book has just about every checkmark on my list of sexiness must-reads?  Bad boy biker, check.  Part of a badass government organization, check.  Sexy and badass chick, check.  Sexy setting, check (A strip club in New Orleans).  Did I make my case yet?

Spence is very alpha and intense.  Shadoe is out to prove she can play with the big boys.  They both have tough pasts and ultimately that helps cement a stronger bond than any physical attraction.  They are a perfect fit, in and out of the bedroom.

The storyline is fast paced and action packed, while Shadoe and Spence are set to bring down a corrupt DEA Agent.  Shadoe plays the part of a stripper and Spence is her boyfriend/bodyguard so they can both be in the thick of the action and get the clues they need.

Loved these two together, maybe my favorite couple so far.  Definitely steamy and very well developed and likeable characters.

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