“I am in raptures over Rapture.” ~Under the Covers

I am in raptures over Rapture….excuse the bad pun, I just couldn’t resist! Normally I start my reviews with a little blurb of the book, but I am far too excited and if you have read the books this far then you know the gig, good vs evil, angels vs demons and sexy bad ass Jim, possibly the hottest match maker in existence! In this book, Matthias makes a reappearance and gets a second chance to save his soul, with a little help from Jim and Adrian, not to mention Melissa Carmichael, the woman who accidentally runs him over on their first meeting. (Okay so I couldn’t resist doing a little blurb!)

What I continue to love about this series is the mix of genres, romance far too often gets in the way of a fantastic plot and you are only reading in the end to get to that I-love-you moment with any background events just a plot device to get the characters together. And, although you could argue that this is exactly the same, after all Jim is saving the world with the power of luuurve, I find the events surrounding Devina, the hell bitch, Jim and co are what are propelling me from book to book rather then possibility of another HEA.

Not to say that the romance in this wasn’t fantastic, with her usual bad ass male and kick ass, no nonsense female in action I avidly read their pages. JR really manages to give them chemistry that bounces off the page, leaving you forgetting that they have only known each other a few days as their emotions feel so genuine and soul deep.

But the action continues for Jim and co, and I felt Adrian made a real transformation in this book, he has already changed massively from Covet and it will be interesting to see where she goes from here with his character. As for Jim and Devina, the action has massively ramped up, their relationship is so twisted up and with that damn cliffhanger we were left with I can’t even guess how it will all unravel!

JR has written Rapture with her usual flair for words and has added new twists and turns to her characters; this series just gets better and better and the only regret I have is that I read it so damned fast and now have another year to wait until the next in the series is out!

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  1. Suz, you were spot-on with this review! I also love how J.R. Ward is slowly meshing Caldwell between the Fallen Angel and BDB novels. I had just finished “Dark Lover” before starting “Rapture”, and it was great when Mels mentioned Beth’s departure from the newspaper. It almost felt like a continuation, but they are truly different series with their own individual voices. And Jim Heron IS one sexy hero. I can’t wait for the next book- guess I’ll have to content myself by working through the BDB until then!