Review: Perfect Ten by Michelle Craig

Review: Perfect Ten by Michelle Craig
Perfect Ten
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Released: August 28th 2015

“…this book travels the well-worn path of the ‘male escort’ books that came before it. But, … that didn’t stop me from enjoying ”
~ Under the Covers

Faith Graham is dreading her sister’s wedding, any family event usually involves her perfect waif-like sisters and mother criticising her curvy body, and the wedding bound to be hellish. Which, is why her crazy friends think it would be the perfect idea to hire a male escort to pose as her boyfriend for the wedding. Joe Starling is Perfect Ten’s best escort, charming and gorgeous, and wickedly talented in the bedroom (or car, or wall…) he is sought out and he loves his job. However, when he first sets eyes on cute, curvy and shy Faith, he knows his life was going to change, he just doesn’t know how much.

I am sure by reading the blurb of Perfect Ten you think you know exactly what is going to happen with this book. And you would be completely correct, this book travels the well-worn path of the ‘male escort’ books that came before it. But, although not particularly original, that didn’t stop me from enjoying Perfect Ten, how can I not when the hero has such a deliciously dirty mouth?

Ah Joe, there’s a man who enjoys his work, that is, until Faith comes along and shows him there is more to life and definitely more to women then just meaningless sex. Not that she means to, after a lifetime of verbal abuse about her body Faith’s self esteem is pretty low and I loved that Joe loved and lusted after her just as she was. Their was no miraculous weight loss or sudden change in her appearance, their was just Faith and Joe and the undeniable heat between them.

The sex and sexual tension between Faith and Joe was one of my favourite things about this book, Craig writes this really well, and I loved that Joe was a dirty talker. The romance was good as well, Joe bolstered Faith’s body image and Faith showed Joe that he was capable of more and together they made a great couple.

I enjoyed this book and would definitely read more from Michelle Craig.


About Michelle Craig

About me. Let's see. I work full time as a bookkeeper in a law firm located in Old City, Philadelphia. I've been there for almost ten years now. I am a country girl at heart and am more than ready to get home to my country living in South Jersey at the end of the day, but it's nice to get a taste of the city too.

I have a B.S.B.A. in Human Resource Management. If I have any valuable advice to give, it's go to college directly after high school! I didn't finish with my degree until I was thirty-eight.

I am married for almost twenty years with no children. We prefer the furry kind, although I love, love, love my niece and nephew.

I write under two names. I use my real name, Nikki Worrell, for my hockey romance series ( and Michelle Craig for my erotic romances. I picked the name Michelle Craig because my middle name is Michelle and my husband's name is Craig.


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