“Cat Johnson is a goddess at writing sizzling sex scenes that make the heartbeat accelerate along with a great love story.” ~Under the Covers

College Professor from New York, Becca Hart is not having a good day. All at once her life turns upside down between work and her personal life that all she would like to do is cry when she loses her job and her boyfriend. When her older sister, Emma suggests that she apply for a teaching position at OSU in Oklahoma Becca thinks Emma is off her rocker. What would a city girl do in Oklahoma? Unbeknownst to Becca, Emma sends in Becca’s resume to OSU and receives a phone call requesting an in person interview for an associate position. Well of course Becca can’t pass that up since she had not even reached that level at Vassar, so she and her sister, hop a plane and head to Oklahoma.

Their first evening there, they attend the local rodeo where they are spotted by two handsome cowboys the minute they walk in. Bull rider, Tucker Jenkins has been without a woman for way too long. An Army Staff Sergeant, Tucker returns from a deployment to find his wife with another man. After a divorce, Tucker swears off relationships, but a hot fling with a gorgeous New Yorker might be just the thing he needs. So as the title suggests, Becca has her one night with her cowboy and does it turn out to be one sizzling trip between the sheets and then some, but Becca expects nothing more as she is returning to New York the next morning. Tucker admits to himself that he’s never had a night like that in his life, but in the morning when Becca walks out the door, he is sure whatever they shared was over.

Weeks later after Becca has moved to Oklahoma, having accepted the position at OSU, she cannot get her mind off her cowboy. Guess what? Tucker has been having the same malady and when he appears at Becca’s welcome mixer on the OSU campus, Becca is shocked when she finds that her cowboy is also military and a coach at the University. When they both realize that spark is still there, they wonder if being friends with benefits is the route to take. Becca having just gotten out of her relationship in New York, and Tucker being divorced makes the two reticent to admit that they are indeed falling for one another. Will the country boy and the city girl come to terms with their feelings? Will all they ever be is friends between the sheets? Pick up Cat Johnson’s One Night With A Cowboy today to find out.

I enjoyed this book so much. From the title, ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY, I expected it to be a straight forward Western Romance but quickly found out it is much more. Cat Johnson is a goddess at writing sizzling sex scenes that make the heartbeat accelerate along with a great love story. Her characters are real and have great senses of humor that make the reader want to come back for more. Now I only have to wait until September for the next installment of the Oklahoma Nights Series? UGH, I don’t think that’s going to be possible!

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