NAKED is very much about setting up the romance and having that questioned by the end. ~ Under the Covers

It was the premise of this story that really made me want to read it. An American art student in London. A successful businessman. See the picture coming together already? If you haven’t guessed it already, this series is along the same lines as 50 Shades and Crossfire. It’s been getting a lot of buzz lately so I wanted to try it out. I’m a sucker for tortured souls and I wanted to know what the story was behind Brynne Bennett and Ethan Blackstone.

NAKED is a very fast read. It’s short and I blazed through it within an hour. That being said, the romance happens VERY fast. Ethan is a very compelling man and isn’t the type to take no for an answer. Brynne doesn’t push Ethan away either. She is intrigued by him and that fire burns brightly throughout the entire book. So while I can accept their attraction for one another, I did feel as if the “I love yous” came on really quickly.

As I mentioned, I was eager to know more about their dark pasts and readers don’t really get that much details on what that is yet. NAKED is very much about setting up the romance and having that questioned by the end. There is a cliff hanger that made me swear and run to grab the next book in the series. The Blackstone Affair definitely feels more like a serial than a series because the books feel so short in comparison to others and the story continues right where the other left off. Therefore, I highly suggest you read the series in order.

While I liked Ethan in this book, I felt a little different to Brynne’s character. I was waiting for the big reveal and the one we get in the end, I could see a mile coming but was not what I was looking for to understand Brynne a little better. I’m hoping that the next book, written from Ethan’s POV gives greater insight into the characters and their problems.

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