This is the first in the Urban Fantasy series Nocturne City by Caitlin Kittredge. Luna Wilder is a homicide detective in the Nocturne City PD, as well as that she is also a werewolf, an Insoli, which means she is without a pack and must rely on herself. When she finds a dead were prostitute killed in a sadistic and ritualistic way, it leads her to the dangerous and sexy Dmitri Sandovsky, alpha of the Redback pack. But things start getting dangerous fast as another body turns up and black magic seems to be involved.

As a fan of Caitlin Kittredge’s Black London series I thought I would give her Nocturne City books ago. And although I did like this book I was slightly disappointed as I thought Black London was much better. Not to say this was all bad, I enjoyed her writing in this book, as I have with her others, it is engaging and pulls you in. I also enjoyed the general plot, that although I guessed what who-did-it half way through, I still enjoyed learning the details and having it all revealed to me.

However, I didn’t really like the characters in this, I found Luna annoying, I love the tough sarcastic heroines most the time, but for some reason she got on my nerves, she seemed to have no self preservation skills and was constantly saying or doing things to make the bad situation she was in alot worse. Dmitri was also a character that I didn’t really warm to, to begin with he was a pimp and a drug dealer so I already didn’t have a great view of him, but also he just didn’t make much of an impression on me.

But, all together this book wasn’t bad, it had good writing and the world that CK created wasn’t bad, but it seems to just be an average UF amongst the many that are out and if you are going to try Caitlin Kittredge I would recommend these first:

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