Holy hot cowboys!  If I had to pick between the two Sullivan brothers I would not be able to make up my mind.  MISPLACED COWBOY takes place at the same time as MISPLACED PRINCESS.  Dylan Sullivan had met Annie on an online dating site and they’d been chatting for months.  When they finally plan to meet, Dylan understands that he’s supposed to fly to New York to meet her, and Annie thinks she’s supposed to go to Australia.  Of course Annie ended up meeting and falling in love with Dylan’s brother, Hunter.  But whatever happened to Dylan in New York while Annie and Hunter were in Australia falling in love?

Well, Dylan was doing a bit of falling in love and getting naughty between the sheets himself.  When he arrives at Annie’s apartment in the city, he runs into Annie’s BFF Monet.  Monet is completely a city girl, an artist even.  And she is struck by the Aussie immediately.  With his accent, his hat, his rugged good looks, rough hands, and attitude at the ready to defend her when needed.  Who wouldn’t let that sexy man sweep her off her feet?

Well Monet didn’t, not at the beginning.  Even though they are both very honest about being attracted to each other, pretty much from the start, they won’t act on it because of Annie.  Monet can’t simply sleep with her BFF’s maybe soulmate.  But there’s only so much temptation a girl can resist after sharing living space with a hunky cowboy like Dylan.  Oh sorry, not cowboy….stockman.  Who owns one of the largest stations in Australia.

Sweet and fun and very sexy.  I can’t wait to see what these two talented ladies come up with next!

PS:  I’m plotting and planning.  I know there’s gotta be a supply of hot stockman somewhere.  The authors must have them locked away for future use.  Will have to go raid their basements!Favorite Quote:

“I love you. I wish I didn’t, but I do. How the fuck am I going to exist without you?”

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