As teenagers, Vicki and Ryan were inseparable. However, whatever romantic feelings they had for each other were held under tight wraps for fear that one wrong move could tear their friendship apart. For a long while, their friendship kept them in touch over the years, but after fifteen years of not seeing each other, Vicki asks a major favor from Ryan in a moment of panic.

As a talented artist, Vicki makes stunning works of art with her hands. Her latest endeavour involves a fellowship that would either make or break her career. However, a pushy and very hands-on mentor wishes to get too close to Vicki, causing her to call in Ryan to pretend to be her boyfriend for the time being. Sliding into boyfriend mode is easy for Ryan when he sees just how much this guy is taking advantage of Vicki, but keeping it cool, Ryan plays the part well until he can get Vicki alone and ask her what is really going on.

Turns out that the people Vicki needs to work with wish to take advantage of her. But now that Ryan is there, he can keep tabs on her. As their lives collide once again, sexual tension sizzles and scorches the pages of the book. I kid you not, Bella Andre set this book on fire!

Ryan Sullivan has been mentioned a few times in the past books of the series, but I had absolutely no idea that he would be so damn sexy. I have added each and every hero in this series to my harem list, but damn, Ryan Sullivan needs to have his own category! He blew me away and I don’t think I ever got my breath back.

In a rush of need, I devoured this book in just a few hours, stopping only to text, Bells from Hanging with Bells about “the champagne line scene” and how “perfect and sexy” Ryan is. And those are just the texts I can show the public! To entice you further, here’s just one of the unbelievably sexy lines Ryan has:

“This is how I want you, Vicky. Open to me. Ready for me. Always.”

But perhaps my favorite quote of the entire book is…

 “I wore you out.” 

Oh Lord, you have no idea.

Bella Andre hit this book right out of the park! An absolute home-run! I cannot get over how enjoyable and thrillingly sexy this book was. LET ME BE THE ONE has shot straight to the top of my favorite books this year. I am so glad I found this series and if you haven’t read Andre yet, you are seriously missing out! Andre will shock you, make you laugh, turn you on with her incredibly seductive heroes and of course, make you fall in love with each book! Definitely an auto-buy author for me!

P.S. Smith’s story, COME A LITTLE BIT CLOSER will release this winter. I.CAN’T.WAIT.


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  1. This series is one of my great finds this year… I love these books and I have number 5 to read on my kindle.. Can’t wait to get to number 6.. I love these Sullivan Men….and the gals are ones you would want as a BFF…

  2. Thanks so much! Oh man, I’m glad to have found more Bella Andre fans!

    Hi Christine! Thanks! I’ll head over and visit your blog now!

    Hi Kathleen, I have to agree with you. I’m so happy I found Bella Andre’s books! The girls are definitely chicks I would love to hang out with! And I SO want to marry one of the Sullivan brothers 🙂