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“Like a good action movie with guns, car wrecks, kidnappings topped with smoking hot sex.”
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I have a confession to make.  When I read this series, I skipped this book.  Not sure how it happened but when I went to look I was behind and then I just kept moving forward.  So, obviously, I had to go back and see what happened in this one.

MIDNIGHT PURSUITS features Ethan, who was sort of “the kid”.  He’s the youngest member of Morgan’s team, and the newest hire.  He’s also …. a sweet, good guy!  You know how I’m always wanting a good asshole hero (Morgan, anyone?) but there’s something to be said for when that otherwise sweet and calm hero that’s genuinely a good guy can show his alpha streak.  And this book gave me just that.  I loved that!

Juliet Mason, one of Noelle’s assassins, finds herself seeking revenge after her brother is killed and ends up in trouble herself and in need of help.  With most of the other girls out of reach, Ethan gets the call for help and jumps on it right away.  Juliet is that typical tough heroine with enough of a soft side.  Out of the two I liked Ethan more than Juliet, but I think they were otherwise really good together.  I enjoyed how he kept her off balance not giving her what she wanted, when she thought she was the one holding all the cards.  Another thing I enjoyed was the age difference, Ethan is younger than Juliet and while normally it’s not something I like that much, I think it worked really well in this book.  It was playful and sexy.

The story keeps a good steady pace and it’s packed with action and intrigue.  While some things are a bit over the top, that is the nature of this series.  Like a good action movie with guns, car wrecks, kidnappings topped with smoking hot sex.  If you haven’t read this series yet, then I definitely encourage you to give it a try.




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