I was feeling a bit in need of something a bit spicier to read since most of the books I’ve been reading lately are just a tad more serious, or for some reason, kind of lacking in the sexy department.  So, I went looking on Amazon (even though I have a million and one books to read that would fit this bill) and I was sold on the cover.  Basically the cover and the Samhain warning, which always makes me want to buy a book anyway.

Lone Wyatt just left his ranch after his brother married the perfect girl.  It’s better for him to stay away for a while and figure out what he wants.  He happens to stumble into a small town bar, sees a pretty lady and goes right for the gold.  Yeah, meaning he’s pretty straight forward about what he wants from her.  But then the next day he ends up at her ranch, being hired as her ranch help.

Charli was devastated five years ago when her husband died.  She thought she would end up with her foreman and her late husbands’ best friend, but that hasn’t worked out at all.  No sparks.  But with this cowboy, Lone, all her buttons are pushed in the best of ways.  So what he’s younger than her?  She agrees to at least have a one weekend of fun.  But he had other plans.

This book was hot and sweet, maybe if you’re not looking for extremely believable since their romance is pretty quick, but just what I wanted to read.  And Lone was just the cowboy to heat things up in the bedroom, and the parking lot, and the hay loft in the barn, and… you get the picture.

I have just realized that there are other two books in this Red Hot Weekend short stories series by Samhain, so I’ll be getting to the rest soon.

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