Since the first book of this series, Bella Andre has got me hooked on this over-achieving, fun-loving family. Every book has got me dreamy-eyed because I can’t help but fall in love with each of the Sullivan men.

In Bella Andre’s latest release, I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU, we get the first story from one of the twin girls, Sophie. Out of the two, Sophie is known as the nice one. She’s the level-headed, sensible and sweet librarian who everyone wants to protect. She’s a romantic at heart so after years of pining after her family’s childhood friend, Jake McCann, Sophie makes an effort to show Jake everything that he has been missing.

Jake is known as the ninth Sullivan. He has been a family friend for so long that many of the Sullivan men consider him a brother. However, Sophie doesn’t see Jake as the older brother he tries to be for her. Instead, the nice girl wants to be naughty…

I fell in love with Gabe Sullivan in the last book and worried that Irishman Jake wouldn’t live up because he simply wasn’t a Sullivan. WOW, was I wrong! There is so much more to Jake McCann than I could ever anticipate. Bella Andre delved into his character so deep that countless times throughout this book, I wanted to cry. Jake simply broke my heart.

This book was a roller coaster ride of emotions – I pined right alongside Sophie, I grew angry and frustrated like Jake, I cried when their hearts shattered and I rejoiced when true love prevailed. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better from the last book, I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU comes along and proved me completely wrong. This is definitely one of my favorite books of 2012.

Possibly my favourite thing about this series is that it is focuses on not just the romantic relationship, but also on  family. I just adore family-based series. However, there is one other thing I may love more….and that is hot sex – and guess what, this book has that too!

So make room, Gabe Sullivan, because Jake McCann is the newest member of my hottie harem!


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  1. Thanks for a great review. I’ve been reading such great reviews for this author and I’m definitely adding her to my wishlist!