How can it be that you love the series, you love the world, you love the author’s style AND you love the characters but you end up feeling like something huge was missing in the book?Well, just read this book and find out exactly how that feels. Although this is still a great addition to the Dragon Kin series and I loved Ragnar the Cunning and I had moments of also liking Keita the Viper as well, the book in general fell flat compared to the others.

I found myself more interested in the side stories, which let me tell you, if you’re like me and you’re expecting something to start happening between Izzy and Eibhear then prepared to be royally pissed. At both of them really. Well… more him than her but… you just have to read it.

Keita was funny and sneaky and spoiled, as I expected. The problem was that she never turned that off. It can get annoying, and it did. Ragnar let her get away with too much. But then again some things are just memorable about the book, like that “rash” that Ragnar had from when Keita’s tail had cut his chest.

And the last thing that bothered me, just a tad, there is no marking. So what does that mean? For their future?

A new character was introduced, Keita’s best friend Ren, traveling companion extraordinaire. I woudl love to see more of him, and maybe he can end up mated and marked by a crazy dragoness.

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  1. Thanks! Yeah, it’s not my fave series by Aiken/Laurenston, but still entertaining. The fifth book I enjoyed more than this one, but I have high hopes for book 6 (will it be Izzy finally???)


  2. I have not read this series, but I suspect that sometimes the author goes flat after too long at a series. I also wonder if some of those contracts really push them when they’re not feeling the muse. IMHO