I was so excited to have found this little series, or collection of hot short stories being released this month by some authors that I love. Of course, you know me. I have to read in order even when the stories are not related. At least if I can manage it.So not knowing anything about Myla Jackson I picked this up. I mean who can resist the allure of the supernatural in Louisiana? It started off pretty good. Human rich girl dumps human douche boyfriend after he’s being an ass. Enter sexy limo driver who wants to take her anywhere she wants. Great, right?

Except anywhere she wants end up being the middle of the swamp, his home. The home of the panther shifter pack whose land she just bought and plans on starting to drill for oil.

Him and his brother had planned to kidnap her to make her see reason and leave their habitat intact. Well… this is where the story lost me. I rolled my eyes so far I could see the back of my head.

This is a short story, and the main focus of the story is that it’s a paranormal erotica. So if we leave it at that, yeah it was hot. But I’m not sure the hot makes up for the fact that the storyline seemed more like I was watching bad porn.

So, no this was not for me. Onto the next story!

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  1. Uh-oh, your 50 shades of grey link brought me to this review instead… 50 shades darker connects to the correct page, though!