Finding a woman in the midst of his army, Ennon has to deal with this situation. He is still supposed to be at war and leading his army. But most unexpected of all is the fact that this woman is a royal, one that throughout the years he’s wanted but known was too high for him to reach.He is now tasked with delivering her back to her family, after she has spent time fighting alongside soldiers. This lioness will put to the test his resolve during their journey.

Kisri knows once she goes back she will be forced or strongly encouraged to marry someone who will be the “appropriate” suitor for her. This time she has now with Ennon is the only time she might experience true desire for a man and be able to act on it.

As Ennon and Esri can’t resist the attraction and pull that’s there, he realizes she’s more to him than just an occasional bed mate. She is his mate. And after mating her, he could never have another, will always feel her loss.

This story reminds me a lot of a fairytale in a way, I think that’s my favorite part of reading this series. They are short stories, but with a great plot, with lots of romance, destined mates and hot sex. Could you really ask for more?

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  1. Did someone say fairy tales?

    I was unfamiliar with this series, but I do love a good fairy- talesque in between the darker fantasies I usually choose.

    Thanks for the review!