This book had me from the blurb.  It sounded hot and wickedly erotic, and frankly, I just can’t resist a BDSM story.  Being that this is part of a series, I was happy to find that there were only a few minor details of the story that I was left to try to piece together.  Like the concept of the business and our heroines job, which is how this story starts off.

Jennifer works as a bondage/fetish model, and to be quite honest, within the first two pages I was asking myself if I had made the right choice in picking this up because she was talking about one of her fetish pictures which involves a knife.  However, this is not the tone of the story, so I’m very happy I kept reading.

She is a tortured soul, coming from a very difficult childhood and lacking love her whole life.  She’s never let go, she can’t follow anyone’s rules.  So when she finds herself agreeing to be Daegan’s temporary submissive, you know there are bound to be control issues.

Daegan has a few skeletons in his closet as well.  A gorgeous Irishman, he now returns to the States to leave the past behind and even though he’s not searching for another relationship, or another submissive to claim as his own, Jennifer captures his heart from the very beginning.

Ropes, cuffs, crops and floggers mixed in with a good dose of caring and wanting to heal the wounds of their past, these two give in to their feelings and desires.  Hot and seductive.  I will definitely keep an eye out for this authors next release!

To read an excerpt, visit the authors site here. This book will be available November 22, 2011.

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