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Sometimes we disagree on books, but J.R. Ward has been the one consistent author who all of us adore. What is it about her writing that makes you love her books?

Francesca: J.R. Ward transports me to another world. While I’m reading ANY of her stories, whether paranormal or contemporary, I’m completely immersed in the lives of the characters. I care for everything that happens as if it was happening to me! She makes me feel, she makes me care. And quite frankly I just love how her mind works and the stories she weaves. A master!

Annie: The thing I love about Ward’s books is that even when you just read a line from one of her books, you know you’re reading a J.R. Ward book. There’s something so uniquely hers that comes across in her books. Whether it’s the humour, the swagger or the plain old good writing, Ward always gives readers something to be excited about.

Suzanne: I will always know when I am reading a J.R. Ward book, her writing style is so unique. It is vivid and original, she grabs you and throws you straight in to her characters lives and before you know it you are trapped and never want to escape. There is nothing hesitant or unformed about the way she writes and thinks, she goes full throttle and I think we all love being along for the ride.

Angela: For me it’s the Heroes and heroines of her books. She makes them so perfect. By that, I mean they are complete with flaws and the most unfortunate of circumstance but are able to rise above them. The way she writes the characters, most often makes me feel like I’m in their shoes. It’s exhilarating to feel their strength and passion or anything they do. It’s sometimes a great motivator or just plain escape from my reality.

IMMORTAL is the last book in the Fallen Angels series. Did it live up to your expectations? Was there something you would have liked to see more of?

Francesca: Absolutely. I think it was perfect. Even though I can’t even say if it met my expectations or not. Or if I wanted something different. The story and the ending was the perfect way to end of the series. I think readers will be very happy with the results.

Annie: I wasn’t sure how Ward was going to end the series. To me the series still felt very fresh and I think she could have gone several other ways with the characters and plot if she wanted to, but I liked the fact that she had an end in sight and didn’t prolong the journey for the sake of getting in those extra books or for the money. IMMORTAL ended up being the perfect happily ever after for Jim and Sissy. For the other boys? Well, I guess we’ll have to see what happens to Adrian and Eddie, won’t we?

Suzanne: It more than lived up to my expectations. I wasn’t sure what to expect, was she going to throw an unexpected plot twist in there? Try and stretch the series out? I am glad that she didn’t, although it went how I guessed it would, I am a sucker for a happy ending, and if anyone deserved a measure of happiness it was certainly Jim and Sissy. I just hope she now has something in mind for Eddie and Adrian!

Angela: I didn’t even know this was the last book. I was surprised when I found out and was a bit disappointed so I really didn’t have any expectations. But from the way it ended, I was more than satisfied. Jim certainly needed his much desserved HEA. I am excited that there is a possibility some kind of spin off since some of the characters has not gotten their story yet.

Out of the entire series, who has become your favourite character and why?

Francesca: Although I love Jim, and I have an insane cuteness love for Dog, I probably have come to care the most for Adrian. The highs and the lows, the changes he went through. And the layers we uncovered. He’s definitely got a special place in my heart.

Annie: I want to blurt out Adrian because he’s that comic relief that I think is so essential to the series, but I think I’m actually going to go with Devina on this one. Without her, I don’t think the series would have been as strong. You can have a great hero, but without a fantastic villain, the war doesn’t seem fair.

Suzanne: That’s a hard one, I loved Jim and his boys Adrian and Eddie, and I am almost tempted to say that the trio were my favourite. But, I think the girls stole the show. Sissy and her unexpected strength and Devina, just because I love to hate her and I hate even more that I understand her a little. It isn’t very often that the bad guy (or gal) gets much page time, or doesn’t come out as a bland, faceless nothing, just there so that the hero and heroine have a reason to meet. But Devina was more than that, she was an interesting character in her own right, with a story just as interesting as the good guys.

Angela: This is a hard one. I think in all the books she has written, this is one book that didn’t have a character I didn’t like. From Jim, Adrian, Eddie, Sissy and Dog , even Devina, as much as I hate her, she just belongs to the story. I love them all.

I’m curious to know your thoughts on Devina. Love? Hate? What did you think about where she ended up?

Francesca: Love/hate? Can I just say both? As evil as she is and as much damage as she’s caused, I’ve hated her with a passion at times. But then we see that vulnerable (sick) side of her and I feel compassion for her. She’s just a little girl without love lashing out. Then I call myself crazy for even entertaining those thoughts.

Annie: I think she’s freaking fantastic. I loved her OCD. It made her have vulnerability that Ward kind of made fun of, but also gave her something else to be other than “be evil”. She has her own desires and room for growth and that’s why she really stood out to me because she’s simply not the “villain” in this book, she’s also her own fully formed character with just as much good and bad as Jim has.

Suzanne: I’ve already waxed poetic about Devina. I loved to hate her. I loved that she was an actual character rather than an ill used plot device. As for how she ended up? That can’t be the last of it surely? I have a feeling we may be seeing more of Devina in the future.

Angela: Hated her. Still hate her but she is the perfect character to hate. And if Ward decides to write her book I will definitely read it. Of course I would, it is Ward after all. LOL. She is so foul that I just don’t know how she can make everything forgivable.

And just to wrap it all up, describe IMMORTAL in a word or two.

Francesca: Kick.Ass!


Suzanne: Bloody Brilliant!

Angela: An Outstanding Read


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  1. yeah for the good guys! in each of us there is the potential for incredible things,,,either for the good or the evil , we each make that choice. Ward does an amazing job showing us the possibilities, her characters are so well written, their joys and incredible pain can be felt through each and every page….and obtw i loved the way ‘vina was made human in her relationship with her therapist, her fight to control her “issues”! loved it, the perfect antagonist!