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“No one does romantic suspense and intrigue better than Shiloh Walker.  DARKER THAN DESIRE was insightful, sinful, and stimulating.” ~ Under the Covers

As usual I am not surprised to find myself on the edge of my seat dying to know who is behind something, trying to put together all the clues in my mind as I read one of Shiloh Walker’s books.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  No one does romantic suspense and intrigue better than Shiloh Walker.  DARKER THAN DESIRE was insightful, sinful, and stimulating.  This is not the type of mindless book you just skim through to pass the time.  It’s the type of book you want to solve right along with the characters.  And I love every second it.

The hero, Caine (or as he’s known up to now in the series), is a broken man.  Abused as a child and raised by an Amish community, he’s never really known love.  He’s never known caring.  He’s never had help.  He’s shown the only member of his family love in a very unique way.  He’s not one to say I love you, but actions do speak louder than words at times.  He’s only cared for Sybil in the only way he knows how.  It was heart-warming to see him grow comfortable with his feelings throughout the book.  Try and get over some of his issues and let someone in that cares for him.  Let himself be loved, as much as caring for someone else.  This process might’ve been my second favorite thing about this book because it was done perfectly.  You can’t help but love Caine and your heart goes out to him.

Sybil is also a kick ass chick.  She’s tough, she’s had to be to live in a small town and face the judgement of everyone about her sister’s choices.  Helping her sister raise her own kid.  She’s always had to be that rock in her family.  And she’s wanted to do the same for Caine.  A man that doesn’t open up easily.  When to say it’s enough?  When to cut ties with a man who doesn’t let you in?    She’s a fighter, and that’s what I love about her.  And she was strong enough to do what needed to be done for her own good at times.

The drama and murder in the small town of Madison continues and it’s amped up in this last installment.  We saw many loved characters come back for a sneak appearance.  There were also a few funerals.  As always, we get the perspective from the chilling POV of the killer.  That always adds an extra layer of intrigue for me since I’m sitting there trying to figure out who that person is!  I can honestly say I was off base on this one.  Yet again!  And I absolutely love how Shiloh Walker can keep me guessing and as much as I pride myself in solving mysteries like this usually rather quickly, the possibility of this one didn’t cross my mind.

DARKER THAN DESIRE is intense, rough and raw, the story just as much as the relationship and chemistry between Sybil and Caine.  Believe me, you won’t want to miss this one!

Favorite quote:

“You’re in my blood, in my soul.  I can’t remember a time anymore when I didn’t need you.”

*ARC provided by publisher

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