Hometown Girl is the prequel in Bad Boys of Red Hook Series and what a wonderful start. Set in Brooklyn but with a small town feel, this novella is fun, sexy, romantic and nothing but enthralling. I can’t be believed Ms. Kaye hooked me with this six chapter story.  Elyse Fitzgerald had set her mind in losing her virginity to a date she hardly knows. But luck is on her side when she sees her long time crush Simon Sprague. She has been in love with him as long as she can remember but all he saw was his little sister’s best friend. Will he get passed that image of her and finally give her the time of day?

Simon is a sexy bartender and artist extraordinaire. Taking his art serious he works at night so he can paint and sculpt during the day leaving no room for any kind of commitments. Well, a blast from the past will most definitely change his views where relationships are concerned.

I was blown away by Simon and Elyse’s romance. Though it happened in a short period of time, they had a connection that rooted from their past making their romance believable and realistic. Ms. Kaye did a great job pulling this couple together without feeling like there was an insta-love between them. No, the only thing instant was their attraction for each other. Yeah, these two made some steamy scenes together. And Simon’s image had definitely made a permanent imprint
in my brain. *image of rock hard body, with low hung pants, shirtless walking across his loft is playing in my mind*

The only thing that bothered me was Elyse’s decision to finally lose her virginity. Seems a bit irresponsible for someone who has worked hard to keep her virginity then just lose it to someone she barely knows. Don’t get me wrong this bit of annoyance did not deter me from loving this book.

Any author that can deliver a gratifyingly good story in only few chapters deserves a good round of pimping. So here goes…I can tell you right now, you will not be disappointed by picking up this book.  With very little commitment, you can get a good dose of sweet and sexy in your system and maybe even get you hooked enough to pick up Back to You (Book 1) which I also enjoyed.

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  1. Angela,
    Does it ever explain why Elyse was so hell bent in cashing in her V card? What was the motivation?
    When I was **ahem–cough** a lot younger, I can remember wanting to just get rid of it just to see what the fuss was about…get it over with kind of thing. But yeah, glad that I decided not to go that route, er…exactly, lol.
    I have only read one of Kaye’s books, but your endorsement at the top of the post makes me wanna read it like, right friggin now.
    Thanks for the review.

    1. Trish, It does explain. pretty much the same reason as yours. I guess it the reason bothered me a bit. becuase she waited way too long to just waist it on a blind date(She was past 21, I wanna say 24years old). You know?
      but for 6 Chapters It really was a great read.