3.5 Feathers
Destiny United
by Leia Shaw
(Shadows of Destiny # 2)
Paranormal Romance

This was my first book by this author. I really started it without any expectations, and a little scared that I would be lost because I didn’t read the first one. But it started off really interesting and definitely caught my attention.

Maybe this has something to do with Marcelo, because, well, he’s hot and has that bad boy thing going on. Caring and sexy. He is sent to bring the Queen’s sister, her human sister, to the Underworld.

But werewolves are after Erin, so instead of just a quick pick-up and drop-off mission, he ends up protecting her until he can get her to her family safe.

Erin on the other hand was a bit annoying. I was very happy to see that she realized that she WAS the “Too-Stupid-To-Live” heroine in the story! But I get it, she’s had a traumatic past. She was abused, and that always is a touchy subject to deal with in novels.

But to my surprise, when Erin turns 21, which just happens to be while they’re running from the wolves, she changes. Turns out she’s fae. Yes, pointy ears and everything. And her fae people also want her to come be with them. So she has a tough decision to make. Where does she want to be? And with whom?


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  1. This sounds like a great read. Very sexy and I am with you guys, werewolves and fae? I am so in. This sounds like it will be a killer PNR. I am really interested in meeting the characters. Hope to get book 1 before I read this. Thanks so much for the great review & giveaway 🙂